Moilo Oy

Moilo is a creative company with a mission to enhance children’s development and cognitive learning. We produce high quality, innovative, story-driven content for children across multiple platforms. Our way of working is based on the Finnish educational system, coupled with a sensitivity towards children and their needs in different contexts. Moilo customizes content for the target group 0-12.

Articles written by Moilo Oy:

The importance of digital play in a child’s development

Child Development, News, The Good Play Guide, November 10, 2022 “Fish swim, birds fly, children play.” – Dr. Garry Landreth Play is as natural to children as flight is to birds. It’s their purpose. Play is how children learn about themselves, and others, and make

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Finnish company adds German to its language-training app for children

Finland-based Moilo has made its language-training application, Moka Mera Lingua, available in German language. Helsinki, 14 January 2021 – Helsinki-based Moilo has added German to its language-training application, Moka Mera Lingua. Currently, the application is available in nine languages and provides the opportunity for 3-8 year-olds

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