Moka Mera Lingua

Language-learning application

Moka Mera Lingua is an entertaining and creative application for children to learn new languages. Use this tool together with your child, or with a small group of children, and let the children become curious about and inspired by new languages.

The child will help Atlas and Moka Mera, the two very different characters, in their daily activities in the tree hut. The child listens, learns to understand and how to help the characters. Repeat the words and sentences in both the foreign and native language! Interaction, engagement, and repetition stimulate all language learning!

Moka Mera Lingua is an educational language-training app, that helps preschool children learn the natural way – through play. With various activities and immersive minigames, our cute characters will keep your children entertained while they explore and learn a new language. Moka Mera Lingua contains no text, so no reading skills are required to play. 

The app is free of charge.

The app contains words and phrases in 13 different languages. The languages currently available are: Arabic (Levantine), Chinese (Mandarin), English, Finnish, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic, Swedish and Ukrainian. Please contact us if you wish to help us include a specific language that is currently missing.

The two main characters Atlas, the shark, and Moka Mera, the little monster, speak different languages

The languages can be freely changed based on what language you wish your child to learn and your child’s mother tongue.

Moka Mera Lingua features everyday words and phrases, teaching your child a basic vocabulary and pronunciation, such as numbers, colors, objects, and short phrases. Atlas and Moka Mera will need help from the child, in their daily wants and needs.

Do you want to use Moka Mera Lingua in your education?

There are 4 lesson plans about how to teach children a new language by using the app. In every lesson plan, there are 3 activities with additional extension activities.

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Why play Moka Mera Lingua?

Studies suggest that the best time to introduce a foreign language is before the age of five. Children, this young are using the same parts of the brain to learn a foreign language – the parts that control unconscious actions – as they are when learning their mother tongue. This means that language is learned and acquired faster, retained better, and spoken with exceptional pronunciation.

It is widely accepted that the younger the learners, the more successful they are at imitating new sounds. Apart from possible predispositions in the brain, children seem to be more motivated to learn languages compared to adults: they devote much more time to learning new words and phrases.

What’s more, young kids don’t worry about making linguistic mistakes the same way older kids might. Research shows that adding a second language early on benefits problem-solving abilities, critical thinking, the ability to listen in combination with memory, and increases the ability to concentrate.

Multilingual children show a greater ability to read, write and calculate. Early training in a foreign language prepares the brain for future language learning and thus opens the door to a world of possibilities. Moka Mera Lingua triggers curiosity, motivates and inspires your child to learn languages through play.

How to play

Atlas and Moka Mera live in an ecological treehouse with four rooms. Each room is designed for different activities and serves different purposes. During play, Atlas and Moka Mera will accumulate different needs, such as hunger or tiredness, which naturally moves the activity around the house. The friendly monster Moka Mera speaks a foreign language. When your child needs some help, Atlas the shark will always offer support in your child’s own mother tongue.

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Learning through play

Moka Mera Lingua was developed in Finland, and it’s based on the Finnish method of early childhood education. In order to produce the best possible content, the application has been developed in collaboration with educators and researchers.

We utilize the power of ”learning through play”, a scientifically proven concept of learning which combines training with gameplay. This means that learning happens seamlessly and is fun and the skills acquired are easy to remember.

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We take privacy seriously

Moka Mera Lingua is safe for your child to use. We don’t gather any usage data and there are no advertisements, outside links, or in-app purchases available. One of the minigames uses the microphone and will ask for permission to use it. No recordings will be stored. The application works offline and no internet connection is needed.