Welcome to the world of Moka Mera!

Moka Mera is a family of educational, playful applications and tools for children, teachers, and parents.

Our Story

Suzan Aledin and Petra Holm, co-founders of Moka Mera, are on a mission to inspire children to learn through play. They share an extensive background as producers and creators of children’s content at the Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle. After years in children’s media, they wanted to broaden their reach. They founded Moka Mera in 2017 to address a growing need for high quality educational children’s content.

Three distinct superpowers

Moka Mera is built upon three distinct superpowers that set the company and its products apart. Mixing these three ingredients is Moka Mera’s recipe for success.

  • The founders’ previous experience of working with and for children in various genres and across different platforms is an invaluable asset. 
  • The Finnish educational know-how. 
  • The utilization of the power of play.

"We treasure the moments when children become engaged, curious, or when they are simply having fun. Hopefully all at once, as all three are necessary for learning."

Petra Holm, co-founder, Moka Mera

"The needs of the child are at the center of each decision and product at Moka Mera."

Suzan Aledin, co-founder, Moka Mera 


Finland’s early education system is a place of refuge where children are allowed to be children. When children enter daycare they are encouraged to play, discover freely, collaborate, interact, take their own initiatives, and learn to take responsibility for their own actions. The success of Finnish education has been built on equal opportunities, personalized and lifelong learning, inclusive education, and the extensive use of supportive technology. Early childhood education in Finland emphasizes the soft skills of balanced growth and taking others into account, over quantifiable metrics.

Moka Mera was created around these core values.

Moka Mera is a creative company with a mission to enhance children’s development by creating and producing educational content for children. The company is based in Helsinki, Finland and it collaborates with companies, institutions, governments, and educators all over the world. Moka Mera also co-operates with Finnish universities, experts, and teachers in order to develop the best possible content that supports the development of children.

Our Values

It’s not how many times you fall, it’s how many times you rise again that counts.

Our content is built on the following values:

Make more mistakes!

Moka” is Finnish slang for fail, and “Mera” is the Swedish word for more. In Moka Mera content, mistakes can easily occur and children are encouraged to have fun when making them. In a safe environment, where children feel secure, they are allowed to make those mistakes, again and again. Ultimately children learn from their mistakes. This is what makes true superheroes!

Don´t give up!

Building resilience is not only important for helping children deal with current difficulties, but also in developing the basic skills and habits that will help them deal with challenges later in life, during adolescence and adulthood.

Learn through play!

Play is important because it provides a primary foundation for learning, exploring, problem-solving, and building an understanding of the world and your role within it. Children learn through playing. Let kids be kids!

Think flexible!

Cognitive flexibility includes two skills: flexible thinking and set shifting. The ability to think flexibly helps children to get along with others, helps everybody to solve problems and try new ways of doing things.

Safety above all!

We cherish the privacy in our apps by not gathering any usage data or having any outside links or in-app purchases.

"Play is a superpower! By encouraging play we create an atmosphere that is safe, supportive, and creative."

Suzan Aledin, co-founder, Moka Mera

Our mission

Moka Mera’s mission is to inspire and stimulate young creative minds, by providing pre-school children with innovative, fun, and safe content across various platforms.

All Moka Mera content allows children to learn and grow, based on their needs, on an age-appropriate level. Moka Mera also provides support material for educators and parents.

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Our approach

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Our partners

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