Moka Mera Development Path


  • Identify a need in society
  • Focus on the needs of teachers, children and caregivers
  • Impact on early childhood education
  • Answer the question WHY?


  • Gain information through interviews
  • Understand the target audience
  • Seek to understand how needs could be addressed.


  • Share raw ideas, no filter, why not mentality, all ideas worthy.
  • Answering the question WHAT?
  • Evaluate ideas.


  • Point out challenges, approaches, objectives.
  • Define the target group and specific needs
  • Specify learning outcomes
  • Conduct external analysis of equivalent content


  • Evaluate top ideas
  • Choose the best idea that meets objectives
  • Answer the question HOW?
  • Methods and measurements


  • Feedback from end-users
  • Gain information from experts and academics
  • Build on the results


  • Production
  • Communication with end-users
  • Adjustments of the product


  • Information and marketing
  • Gain customer feedback
  • Analyze data
  • Educational material for end-users, teacher support
  • Reconnect with research
  • Evaluate product

Do you want to use Moka Mera Apps in your education?

There are lesson plans for both app about how to teach children a new skills by using the app. In every lesson plan, there are several activities.

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