Our mission

Moka Mera’s mission is to inspire and stimulate young creative minds, by providing pre-school children with innovative, fun, and safe content across various platforms. 

All Moka Mera content allows children to learn and grow, based on their needs, on an age-appropriate level. Moka Mera also provides support material for educators and parents. 

Children learn specific practical skills through interacting with applications, games, and tools. The children can together with Moka Mera, discover a foreign language or explore emotions. While acquiring such distinct skills, the children are simultaneously learning vital life skills, such as communication, expressing themselves, social and emotional skills, empathy, and resilience. In this way, Moka Mera prepares young minds for the future and the challenges ahead. 

Moka Mera content is made to promote the following skills which are informed by the Finnish curriculum for early childhood education: 

  • Creative and critical thinking and learning
  • Cultural competence, interaction and self-expression 
  • Individual agency, taking care of oneself and managing daily life
  • Multiliteracy and competence in information and communication technology
  • Participation and involvement


"Every child should have the possibility to play and explore. Playing is learning and learning something new makes us happy!" 

Petra Holm, co-founder, Moka Mera. 

At no time in life is curiosity more powerful than in early childhood

Children are naturally curious because they are learning through every experience and social interaction they have. At Moka Mera, we want to nurture and encourage this curiosity by giving children experiences, insights, and knowledge while having fun.

The tools we provide children with are easily accessible. We want to stress the importance of inclusivity and diversity in everything we do. The two featured characters in our apps, Atlas, the shark, and Moka Mera, the little monster, are very different from each other, but still best friends.

The best way of learning for children happens in encounters with other people. Our applications encourage children and adults to have fun and play together. Interaction, engagement, and resilience are the best ingredients for learning.