PRESS RELEASE 25th of November 2020

The app Moka Mera Lingua, for children aged 3-7, is nominated for a Kidscreen Award, in the category “Best Learning App – Original, preschool”. The app allows children to explore, play, and learn up to 9 different languages.

Kidscreen awards is the most prestigious international festival in children’s media. The other two nominated apps in the same category are Duolingo ABC och Pinna. Other notable nominees for Kidscreen awards are Netflix, Sesame Workshop, Apple, Disney, Pixar, Lego, BBC, The Pokémon Company, and DreamWorks.

Moilo, a production company based in Helsinki, Finland is behind the success of Moka Mera Lingua. The application is funded by the Swedish Cultural Foundation and their project named Hallå, as well as the foundation Stiftelsen Brita Maria Renlunds minne sr.

– This is huge for us! To be nominated among the best of the business is a victory in itself. Naturally, we are both happy and proud, says Suzan Aledin at Moilo. The language app Moka Mera Lingua is free of charge to download and use. It does not contain any ads or in-app purchases, and it gathers no data from its users. This means it is safe to use and it follows all guidelines for digital content aimed at children.

– This has been a challenge for users, it simply sounds too good to be true. With this nomination, we will get great visibility also outside of Finland. The app has received a warm welcome in our home country, and it is widely used in kindergartens and homes. We hope and believe the app will also find new users in other language areas, remarks Petra Holm at Moilo.

Moilo has recently signed a contract with the German Embassy in Finland and The Goethe Institute Finland, with the intent of introducing German as a new language in the app. Soon children can learn German, along with the languages that are already included: English, Spanish, French, Arabic (Levantine), Russian, Chinese, Finnish, and Swedish.

– Many users have asked for the German language option, so this development is most welcome, asserts Petra Holm. We cannot start raising awareness about languages other than our own mother tongue early enough. It is vital that children learn languages, communication, creativity, and co-operation. These skills are key when dealing with the challenges of the future.

The app is intended as a first encounter with a new language, and to inspire children to keep learning. A founding principle is combining play, training, and learning in a playful but pedagogically sound way.

– These developments were great surprises in the middle of the dark Finnish autumn. They act like a vitamin boost that we will use as motivation when developing our next application, due to launch 2021. The app, Moka Mera Emotions, will teach children about emotions, and is aimed at children aged 3-8, says Suzan Aledin.

For additional information:

Suzan Aledin, Co-founder, puh: +358407104838
Petra Holm, Co-founder, puh: +358408442622